Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw [2022] Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw [2022] Reviews and Buying Guide

The best small gas powered chainsaw is unparalleled for functionality and lifespan. The demand for these tools has increased a lot. However, a user has to follow safety protocols to avoid any untoward incident. It may be a daunting experience for a newbie to buy the desired tool when the market is flooded with similar chainsaws. The article gives you a comprehensive map of choosing the desired product. Take into consideration the following aspects of a gas-powered chainsaw to avoid any inconvenience.

Buying Guide

Determine Your Budget

The best small gas powered chainsaw price ranges from $200 up to $3,500. Have a look at your budget to go ahead with available options.

Avoid the Kickback

In a kickback, the chain moves back towards the operator of a chainsaw. Resultantly, the user may not control the saw. Make sure that you choose a chainsaw having in-built kickback features. A good saw shouldn’t cut too much wood while running at maximum speed.


CCs is a scale to measure chainsaw power. Some chainsaws are run by oil and fuel. If a chainsaw is functionalized by gasoline, it will be a powerful engine.

Chain Brake System

Even a professional or experienced user may experience some kickback. It can cause a serious threat by cutting the user’s face. When a chain tip strikes a hard object while chopping wood, kickback happens. Prefer the usage of chainsaws having a chain brake system. The spinning of a chain is automatically stopped when kickback occurs. Manual and Inertia Activated are two types available in this model. Both options are very effective  

Chain Tensioner Type

Chains of chainsaws strike very hard objects. Ensure, a chain is adjusted properly. A new chain is prone to stretch so you have to take a new chain into account while operating it in the woods. There is no rule of thumb regarding the tension adjustment of a chain.

   i)   Tool-Less Chain Tensioner – The chain tension is adjusted by knobs without any tool. That’s why it is called a tool-less tensioner.
  ii)   Wrench Chain Tensioner – You need a screwdriver and wrench to tighten the chain, bolt, and screw.


Periodic adjustment and regular maintenance of gas chainsaws are imperative to keep them in an ideal position. Take into deliberation the diverse easier procedures, such as automatic chain oiler, tool-free adjustment, and automatic chain oiler.

Best Small Gas-Powered Chainsaw


If you want to conduct small jobs such as pruning then 11 to 13 inches gas-powered chainsaws can serve the purpose. These tools are smaller and safe to operate. 14-16 inches gas-powered saws fall into a medium-duty category. They can perform multiple residential objectives. 18 to 22 inches saws are ideal for large logs yet can be used for small procedures.

Bar Length

The bar length of the best small gas-powered chainsaw determines its capacity in terms of log diameter that the saw can cut effectively. Measure an object bar (in inches) that you want to cut and buy a saw having a bar one or two inches longer. An unnecessary extra bar creates a hurdle so always be precise in selection.


Larger saws are heavy as these are designed for big tasks. Go for a saw that can fulfill your requirements efficiently. Heavy saws are a bit difficult to handle so you have to be realistic about managing their weight.

Precautionary Measures

The best small gas-powered chainsaws are very dangerous if not handled properly. A little carelessness may cause serious injury or death. Get training from professionals to know how to use it as per SOPs. Watch the following video to know the chainsaw safety tips. Besides it, use personal protective equipment such as eye, face, and chaps protection.

Safety Features

The best small gas-powered chainsaw should be equipped with safety gear. These additions save the user from any undesired happening and enhance chainsaw life by reducing kickback and minimizing the chance of accidental ignition.

How Does Chainsaw Start?

Prefer the chainsaw which is easy to start. It could be a nightmare when you have a schedule to work and the tool isn’t working.

Handle Placement

The chainsaw handle should be comfortable and functional. Prioritize a chainsaw that has a rear or top handle. Users can hold such chainsaws easily. 

Anti-Vibration Feature

If the chainsaw is vibrating in your hands, it could make your hand numb and disturb the flow of the work. Control loss and injury may also happen. Machinery operators suffer from Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) due to chainsaw vibration. Ensure that you are choosing a chainsaw equipped with an anti-vibration feature.


Warranty-less chainsaws are suspicious, so don’t invest your hard-earned money in such tools. A good product comes with a warranty as the manufacturer has a sound belief in his/her product. Now, figure out the chainsaw which offers a maximum warranty. Besides, analyze the warranty of a battery as it has a separate warranty.

Poulan Pro 20 inches Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

Poulan Pro 20 inches Small Gas Powered Chainsaw


: Dimension of Chainsaw | 12 x 16 x 11.8 inches : Updated Anti-Vibration System | Yes : Kickback bar and chain | 20” : Weight | 17 Pounds : Cycling Engines | 50cc 2 : Side Access Tensioning System | Yes


Simple start-up mechanism

Very comfortable

Amazing performance & result

Convenient maintenance


Safe to use even for a beginner


Excessive use can cause a loose chain

The Poulan Pro gas chainsaw is equipped with Oxy power which enhances tools power so users can complete tasks conveniently. Besides it, 20% fuel consumption and 70% emission are also minimized due to the said technology. The user has to use a 30% lower force to start the machine as it comes with an easy pull starting and Soft Start system. Its handling and maintenance are also easy.

The easy chain tensioning, preservation, even access clips on the cylinder cover for a spark plug, and simple handling are key characteristics of the best small gas-powered chainsaw.

Husqvarna Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaws, Orange/Gray

Husqvarna Small Gas Powered Chainsaws, Orange/Gray


: Long bar | 18 inches : Low Kickback safety brake addition | Yes : Engine System | Exclusive X-Torq : Dimension | 32 x 9.25 x 10.7 inches : Weight | 9.3 Pounds



Safe to Operate

Easy even for beginners



Easy Steering


Sometimes, the chain may lose its sharpness quickly

The structure and design of the chainsaw are compact. Users can start it up easily. The addition of a kickback safety brake has enhanced its demand. The super machine is an ideal choice for light tasks such as limbs and trimming trees. X-Torq engine of the chainsaw is gas-powered which not only minimizes fuel expenses but also emissions. The tool is equally productive in all seasons whether you want to clean up a garage or yard.

Users choose the best small gas-powered chainsaw because it has an automatic oiler that ensures chain lubrication. Fuel stabilizer plays an important role such as managing operating temperature which also improves the life of an engine.

Remington Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw 14-Inch Bar

Remington Small Gas Powered Chainsaw 14-Inch Bar


: Long Bar | 14 Inches : Dimension of chainsaw | 27.5 x 9.75 x 11.25 : Weight | 13.4 Pounds


Lightweight chainsaw

Easy to Operate




Easy Steering


Not perfect for cutting heavy stuff

Reviews of users are a fine lens to know the credibility of the products. Hundreds of users praise its design, and easiness to use. You may use it for whipping, shaping the garden, trimming, yard purposes, and other small tasks. It delivers great performance if you operate it for cutting medium and small-size branches.

Remington’s small gas-powered chainsaw is durable, and dependable due to its pro-grade components, and die-cast chassis. The user has good control over the machine as it comes with a specifically designed handle that not minimizes vibration volume but also enhances maneuverability.

The chain tensioning system is side-mounted which quickly adjusts the chain and the user accomplishes tasks as per his/her schedule. The lubrication system is maintained by the auto oiler mechanism.

CRAFTSMAN 16-Inch Best Small Gas Powered Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN 16-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw


: Weight | 15.22 Pounds : Dimension of chainsaw | 28.5 x 9.75 x 11.25 inches : Anti-Vibration System with full-wrapped handle | Yes : Bar and chain | 16 inches


Very comfortable to operate


Easy maintenance

Safe for operators

Super maneuvering

Versatile functioning


No cons found

The prominent characteristics of the chainsaw are long life, minimum vibration, and 42cc, 2 cycle engine. Its bar is equally perfect not only for small and medium tree cutting but also effective for heavy jobs. The addition of a chain brake ensures the safety of its users.

The perfect maneuvering system cushioned wrapped handle, and anti-vibrating mechanism reduces vibration and fatigue. It has an auto oiler system that keeps chain lubricant to enhance the sharpness of the chain to cut objects smoothly. Easy maintenance of the chainsaw is another appealing feature.

ECHO CS-271T 12 Inch small gas Chainsaw

ECHO CS-271T 12 Inch small gas Chainsaw


: Dimensions | 12 x 10 x 10 Inches : Warranty | 5 Year : Blade Length | 12 Inches : Weight | 10.65 Pounds : Displacement | 26.9 CC


Side Access Chain Tensioner

Auto Chain Oiler

Anti-Vibration Handle

Clutch-Driven Oiler

G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner


Safety Tip (Kick Guard) is sold separately

ECHO, a power tool is made in Japan that comes with desired options. It is an amazing choice if you are looking for the best small gas-powered chainsaw. Users can cut branches and small trees conveniently with its 12-inch blade. The machine is equipped with a 29.9 cc gas motor which runs for years to come.

1 year commercial and 5 years consumer warranty speaks its credibility. The inbuilt quick start technology, anti-vibration handle, and maneuverability to use are its characteristics. The tool-less air filter mechanism keeps the engine energetic, clean and also enhances its performance. Gas chainsaw, inertia chain brake, and 2-stroke gas chain are its other highlights.

CRAFTSMAN 41AY4216791 S165 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN 41AY4216791 S165 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw


: Item Dimension LxWxH |28.5 x 9.75 x 11.25 inches : Brand | Craftsman : Power Source | Gas Powered


High Output Craftsman Engine with 16-Inch Bar & Chain

Durable & lightweight Poly Chassis

Simple Start Technology

Easy View with Auto/Adjustable Chain Oiler

Ergonomics Design


No cons found

If you are looking for the best small gas-powered chainsaw under $200, craftsman 41AY4216791 is a perfect choice. The powerful 42 cubic cm (cc) engine, cost-effectiveness, and 16-inch bar are its attractions. The addition of cushioned covering makes it very comfortable to operate. Users don’t confront the starting issues. Moreover, chainsaw maintenance is very easy due to access to spark plugs and filters.

Husqvarna 450R 450 Rancher Gas Chainsaw, Orange

Husqvarna 450R 450 Rancher Gas Chainsaw, Orange


: Item Dimensions LxWxH | 27 x 13 x 9.5 inches : Brand | Husqvarna : Power Source | Gas Powered : Horsepower | 3.2 : Item Weight | 14 Pounds


Ideal for firewood cutting, yard cleans up, and tree pruning

3.2-HP X-Torq engine

Anti-vibration system

Effortless starting

The air cleaning system automatically removes debris and dust before it could damage the engine.

Side-mounting tensioning system

The automatic oiler ensures chain lubrication.


No cons found

The lightweight, comfortable and relaxed feel are key attractions of Husqvarna 450R 450 Rancher. A great number of its users have praised it for its functionality. The combination of a 50cc engine and 20-inch bar is impeccable for cutting tasks.

Its weight is just 14-lb which attracts users. You may lift and maneuver it very easily. The X-Torq engine not only lowers harmful emissions but also enhances fuel efficiency.

Poulan P3416 16-Inch, Best for Diverse Purposes


: Item Dimensions LxWxH | 32 x 11.6 x 12 inches : Brand | Poulan : Power Source | Gas Powered : Item Weight | 16 Pounds


Soft start

Comfortable & lightweight

Easy maintenance

Auto Oiling system

Anti-vibration handle


Some inconvenience to starting when its new

You need specific tools to adjust a carburetor

The durable 2-stroke engine is equipped with cleaning system that improves tool’s life by keeping away debris and dust from the air intake. However, you should clean the chainsaw before storing. It is designed for the lighter tasks such as cutting firewood and felling small trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Small Gas-Powered Chainsaw?

It is imperative to understand the mechanism of a gas-powered chainsaw before you invest money. It is a chainsaw like another chainsaw yet it requires gasoline or compressed gas or petrol to function. The wood cutting mechanism of the chainsaw is similar to other chainsaws.

Do you feel a gas smell or engine noise when it is turned off?

Several factors are associated with this problem. However, when gasoline is infested into bearings and oil compartments, you experience a gas smell. You can avoid this problem by changing the oil after every session. Moreover, heating the engine before using a chainsaw will help to avoid this problem.

What Type of Petroleum is recommended to Use in Gas-Powered Chainsaw?

You may use regular, super, or premium petrol to operate the gas-powered chainsaw. However, take into account the manual of the chainsaw and if you find any recommendation regarding petrol (gasoline), prefer it.

Why is it important to look after and maintain my chainsaw?

Regular maintenance of the chainsaw ensures optimal performance. However, compressed air machines or electronic chainsaws require maximum maintenance compared to gas-powered chainsaws.

How many times you should replace the chain of a chainsaw?

A worn-out chainsaw chain damages its different components. There is no fixed answer to the question. However, it depends upon the usage of a chainsaw. If you operate it regularly then you have to change it early to keep it in healthy condition.

Final Words

We have taken into deliberation comprehensive pieces of information that a user may require to figure out the best small gas-powered chainsaw. If you want to buy such a product then checking our recommended list is an ideal way to start. The above-mentioned collection of chainsaws is framed after analyzing the positive as well as negative feedback and reviews of users.