Buying Guide for the Best Leaf Mulcher- Top 8 of 2021


If you have lots of trees blowing leaves in your yard and want to get rid of these leaves, then a leaf mulcher is a tool you should try. The best leaf mulcher can turn these leaves that fall in your garden. This can be added to your composite pile, or you can use this mulch in your flower beds. If you needed to put your leaves at the curbside to get hered, there would be undeniably less of them if they’ve been transformed into mulch.

There are various types of tools that can help you to mulch your leaves. The option you are going to choose will be based on your needs. As there are a wide variety of leaf mulchers on the market and choosing one is a complicated process. But going to select your desired product, you should know your needs, and then it will be easier to pick the product. 

We compiled this list of the best leaf mulchers available to buy online. We also discuss a buyer guide for the best leaf mulchers, so read on to learn;


What Is a Leaf Mulcher?

A leaf mulcher ground down your yard waste into mulch. This mulch can be either utilized in your soil to forestall weed development or can be added to a manure container to make fertilizer that you can utilize while cultivating later. They work by shredding the leaves using either a blade or cutting line – like a lawn trimmer – to reduce the waste into smaller pieces. This additionally makes it more reduced for storage or reuse.

Types of Leaf Mulchers

Leaf mulchers are designed for shredding leaves. However, a lot of features you should think about when you’re picking the type of mulcher you’d like. Leaf mulchers offer to turn impeller cutting edges that chop dry leaves and a variety of power options, like an electrical cord, a gas engine, or a  rechargeable battery. Furthermore, while many leaf mulchers are handheld, some are intended to be fixed.

  • Corded Electric Leaf Mulcher Shredder

Corded leaf mulchers are electric leaf mulcher shredders that usually range from 8 amps to 14 amps, and if more amps, the more influential the motor is. These are quieter as compared to gas models. With a corded leaf mulcher, you also will not have to charge a battery, yet you will be restricted to the length of an electrical cord, which typically tops out at around 100 feet. A handheld corded mulcher weighs about 6 to 9 pounds, so it’s not difficult to use without creating shoulder or arm exhaustion.

  • Gas-Powered Leaf Mulchers

You will have all the power on your fingertips, and you don’t have to panic about the battery or cord length. The mulcher’s engine size is calculated as cubic centimeters so the larger the number, the powerful the engine. It is a durable model, and you can use it anywhere without any fear. 

  • Cordless

A cordless leaf chipper shredder vacuum does not require mixing of fuel because it is a battery-powered leaf blower. There is no restriction of cord length as they are cordless, but they only work until the battery runs down. The maximum rundown is usually 15 to 35 minutes depending upon the battery type. It is best to buy another battery and keep it charged for use to increase the run time.

  • Handheld or Stand Alone

Another leaf mulcher is either a  handheld or stand-alone. Most leaf mulchers are handheld, and they give vacuum ability to suck up the leaves, which at that point go through turning impeller cutting edges for shredding. Numerous handheld models additionally highlight leaf-blowing capacity to blow leaves into heaps for simpler vacuum collection.

You will love a stand-alone model because you can set it in the center of the yard and pump all leaves into a top intake called a hopper for shredding. 

The Best Leaf Mulchers of 2021

Toro Ultraplus 51621 Leaf Blower
BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower
Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower
Worx Electric Leaf Mulcher Shredder
Sun Joe Leaf Mulcher
Ryobi Backpack Leaf Blower
Worx Electric Leaf Mrulcher Shredde
Sun Joe CJ602E

1. Toro Ultraplus 51621 Leaf Blower


Highlighted Features

  • toro ultra electric blower vacuum offers 250mph airspeed for best mulching and blowing.
  • You can use toro ultra electric blower vacuum as a powerful blower, high-speed vacuum, and leaf shredder. 
  • It offers various speed controls to make it convenient to use. 
  • A toro leaf vac bag is only permeable to leaf particles. Although air is required for proper functioning, it does not allow dust to enter the toro leaf blower bag.
  • The toro electric leaf vacuum comes with an oscillating nozzle attachment, a shred ring, and a power insert.

A toro leaf blower and mulcher is the best tool you can use to clean your yard from leaves and other debris. With its unique 3-in-1 design, you are able to use it as a traditional leaf blower, a lawn vacuum, and a leaf mulcher. It also offers different speed ranges so that you can set this lawnmower with a leaf shredder according to your need. You can get a bag attachment with this electric leaf mulcher shredder that saves you from creating mess but also lets you make it easier to spread the mulch around trees or in flower beds. 

Toro ultra blower vac metal impeller is a leaf mulcher with metal blades that increases durability and reliability. The toro electric leaf vacuum also comes with an oscillating nozzle attachment, a shred ring, and a power insert.


  • Offers 3-in-1 functions
  • Easy to use and reduces maximum debris from your yard.
  • Offers maximum airspeed of about 250 mph.


  • You have to drag the cord around.

2. BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower


Highlighted Features

  • black and decker garden shredder is a 3-in-1 device that rapidly changes from blower to vacuum to the mulcher.
  • It has 250 mph speed with different speed selections. 
  • Black and decker leaf blower attachments include; reusable collecting bag, vacuum tube, and blow tube.
  • With a black and decker garden shredder, you are able to grind 16 mulch bags at once. 

Black and decker leaf blower electric vacuum and mulcher with 250 mph air capacity with different speed settings that allow you to set according to your need to little as 140 mph. It comes with a lot of attachments that make the process of leaf mulching easier. Black and decker leaf blower attachments include a disposable that saves you from creating the mess, and you easily dump it when you have done your job. 

A metal fan presents with the 12 amp motor that acts as a barrier against clogging when the tool is in a mulching mood. With a black and decker leaf vacuum bag, you are able to dump 16 bags in one single pack. All these features make the black and decker garden shredder durable and the best leaf mulcher on our list


  • With this electric leaf mulcher shredder, you can clean a large area.
  • 250 mph airspeed makes you move on rocks, debris, and wet leaves quickly.
  • Reusable empty bag


  • When the leaves are wet, the mulcher becomes clogged.

3. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower


Highlighted Features

  • The toro ultra electric blower vacuum has a quick release-latch to turn the latch from blower to vacuum and on the fly without additional tools.
  • Toro walk behind the leaf blower has a zipped bag for easy emptying when it is full.
  • Offers different speed modes on both vacuum and blower function.

Toro’s 51619 is a redesigned large metal leaf vacuum and mulcher, which provides more power and torque to the tool to provide an airspeed of about 250 miles per hour. It removes debris from flower beds, rock paths, and other tight spaces in your yard. The durable motors are able to move 350 cubic feet per minute in blow mode or 410 cubic feet each moment in vacuum mode. The included cord lock guarantees that your device stays associated with its power source while you are working all through your yard. The integrated cord storage hook makes it simple to keep the cord contained and secure after your task is finished.


  • Toro ultra electric blower vac reviews reveal that it provides more mulching and blowing power.
  • A zipper bag makes the emptying process easier.
  • Offers variable speed modes


  • Acorns or other large debris get caught in the impeller and damage the blade.

4. Worx Electric Leaf Mulcher Shredder


Highlighted Features

  • Worx electric leaf mulcher shredder has more durability because of the metal impeller
  • 250 mph airspeed, due to which it can move 2900 gallons per minute.
  • With one press, you can change the mode from blow to vacuum.

Worx leaf blower vacuum mulcher reviews reveal that it is one of the most popular and affordable models. With the metal impeller, you are able to shred 16 conventional bags. It also offers 250 mph airspeed with a different speed motor that allows you to perform heavy-duty as well as light-duty tasks according to your needs. According to the Worx leaf blower vacuum mulcher reviews, you can mulch about 1.2 bushels of leaves into a Worx blower replacement bag. 

After you are finished mulching, one button press permits you to blow any leftover garbage from your yard or other key zones of your property. The lower-speed light-duty mode is ideal for delicately blowing leaves, sticks, and other trash out of flower beds.


  • It has a shoulder strap for easy carry. 
  • Lightweight 
  • Has the ability to collect 9 gallons of leaves at one attempt


  • It only offers two-speed modes

5. Sun Joe Leaf Mulcher


Highlighted Features

  • It is a combination of 4-in-1 devices so that you can use it as a blower, vacuum, mulcher, and gutter cleaner.
  • The conversion process is easy, and in seconds, you can change sun joe leaf vacuum to sun joe electric leaf blower. 
  • The impeller is made up of aluminum alloy that makes it durable. 
  • The motor is 14-amp that makes sun joe leaf mulcher a powerful device.

The sun joe leaf mulcher is the most powerful mulcher and blower on my list because it can effectively collect leaves, either big or small wet or dry it perfectly. With sun joe blower vacuum mulcher, you can also pick small twigs and needles for perfect mulching. It has wheels on the vacuum tube – these remove the user’s strain and make utilizing convenient. The remainder of the unit is plastic, yet solid plastic can take the effect of flying trash while simultaneously holding the weight down.

You can easily switch the leaf vacuum into a blower within seconds. The 18-gallon bag is large enough for you not to stress over-discharging the mulch continuously and with six-speed settings and two suction speeds for mulching.


  • sun joe leaf mulcher is well designed
  • leaf mulcher with metal blades
  • sun joe leaf blower reviews reveal that it is a powerful product for mulching.


  • You can feel it a little heavy while blowing leaves

6. Ryobi Backpack Leaf Blower


Highlighted Features

  • Ryobi leaf vacuum mulcher is a battery-powered leaf blower.
  • With cross force fan technology and brushless motor offers quiet operation.
  • Ryobi cordless leaf vacuum is best for those who have a small yard.

If your neighbors complain about the noise and you are looking for a quiet leaf vacuum and muscle, then this Ryobi leaf vacuum mulcher is the best option for you. With an affordable price, it is worth considering a machine. Ryobi leaf blowers and vacuum mulchers are especially recommended for those who have a small lawn or do not regularly use leaf blowers. 

It has cross force fan technology and a brushless motor with variable speed options that allow you to clean the mess from your yard effectively as Ryobi mulching blower vacuum battery time is also a critical feature that makes it part of our best leaf mulcher list. But in addition to these, the control liver of this Ryobi leaf vacuum mulchers is challenging to pivot. The blower tube is also small that also causes difficulty for the operator while pivot position. 


  • Ryobi leaf vacuum mulchers offer quiet operation.
  • Affordable
  • Has straps to reduces fatigue


  • Control liver is a bit hard to operate

7. Worx Electric Leaf Mulcher Shredder


Highlighted Features

  • It easily mulchers the leaves from the bag you attached with it. 
  • These leaf clean-up tools also have a dust-reducing clean air motor that separates the air from mulching leaves. 
  • The compact design makes it convenient to use and store.

This electric leaf mulcher shredder is designed especially for shredding leaves. The upstanding model works by means of heavy duty, 12-to 14-measure extension string, and its rough,13-amp engine includes an 11:1 mulch proportion.

The barrel-shaped, formed plastic unit sits on solid steel legs (little get-together required). As opposed to metal or plastic cutting edges, this leaf mulcher utilizes a similar plastic line found in corded trimmers. This leaf mulcher with metal blades includes an enormous admission container and can shred up to 53 gallons of leaves each moment. Like with any power tool(remembering others for this rundown), peruse and follow the producer’s security insurances, and don’t work when little kids are near.


  • Has the ability to mulch 11 bags at once
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy assembly and can be disassembled for storage


  • Not offers multiple options

8. Sun Joe CJ602E


Highlighted Features

  • A sun joe leaf shredder is perfect for mulching and a great investment if you desire a nutrient-rich garden.
  • The 15 amp motor is enough to mulch up to 1.5-inches thick branches.
  • Due to its 6-inches wheels, it is easily portable.
  • Sun joe leaf mulcher offers a two-year warranty.

The sun joe leaf mulcher is also the best leaf mulcher on our list. It uses a 15 amp motor powered by electricity that easily turns acorns, leaves, and branches to twigs into fine mulch in no time. It is environmentally friendly because it is quiet and offers a safety function that stops motors from working when the hopper has been opened and prevents accidents. This Sun Joe electric chipper shredder additionally can’t be dismantled but is extremely lightweight and has 6-inch wheels for easy transportation around your property. Its slimline configuration guarantees it won’t occupy a lot of room in a standard shed or carport. The Sun Joe electric chipper shredder can shred branches up to 1.5 inches thick, so you may require an all the more impressive gas engine if you are destroying thicker branches.

According to sun joe leaf blower reviews, it does not require regular cleaning, but it is straightforward to clean when needed. 


  • Lightweight
  • Environmental friendly
  • The mulching ratio is good
  • best lawn vacuum for acorns


  • It can not disassemble

Buying Guide for the Best Leaf Mulcher

While purchasing the best leaf mulcher, some considerations go beyond the model and power rate. When you decide to select the model, look for the following features for the best and long-lasting results. These are as follow;

  • Blades

Many models come with metal blades, and some come with heavy-duty plastic blades or even a string trimming line. All these are best for shredding leaves, but we prefer to go with metal blades for more durability.

  • Mulching Ratio

The mulching ratio is the ratio of how much it can reduce the overall size of the leaves. For example, a product has the capacity to mulch 11 bags of leaves that will fit in one single pack. Usually, the mulching ratio ranges from 8:1 to 18:1, depending upon the size of the machine.

  • Capacity

It is the amount of air moving in cubic feet per minute. Many corded to cordless capacity ranges from 175 to 500 cm, with heavy-duty leaf clearing. Gas leaf mulchers are more potent as compared to the other models, whose ranges lie between 450 to 700 cfm.

  • Functions

Stand-alone leaf mulcher offers a single function. It only shreds leaves dropped in the hoppers while, on the other hand, handheld offers more such as blowing leaves into piles and then shredding them well. Some handheld models only offer vacuum function but not blow leaves. You should consider a multifunction leaf mulcher for convenience. 

  • Ease of Use

Usually, corded and cordless models are easy to use because they do not require mixing of fuel to start the work. However, if you have a big lawn and want more functionality, you should consider a gas-powered leaf mulcher. As they have fans of gas models, they offer greater power to help you work effectively. 

  • Noise

We know power tools usually create noise, but some corded and cordless leaf mulchers are quiet and smoother while operating. They only produce 60-63 decibels, but the gas leaf mulchers are louder because they produce sound about 85-90 decibels before making a purchase; check your city ordinance. If your local community file complains about the sound, then it is best to go with electric corded or non-coded leaf mulchers. 


For gardening lovers, leaf mulchers are a very helpful tool to recycle the garden’s waste more effectively or more easily dump it off. As there are many amazing options available on the market but before you set out for purchase, it is best to consider your needs. 

If you are looking for a muchler, you should consider a multipurpose machine that works as a blower, vacuum, and muchler. These will help you to collect and shred leaves with one device and do work faster. If you want to go through many leaves at once, you should look for a more powerful leaf mulcher. You can look for an environmentally friendly electric leaf mulcher shredder. It is a great option. We hope you find our guide for the best leaf mulcher to help you make your fall gardening easier.


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