2021’s Best Lawn Mower for Steep Hills- Review & Buying Guide

best lawn mower for steep hills

The rolling lawn is a wonderful addition to your lawn that provides an aesthetic look. But whether you have a small patch of land or an acre of lush green lawn mowing is always a complicated process. And this process becomes more difficult when you have a sloppy lawn or lawn situated in a hilly area. The shambolic cutting and collecting up the grass clips consume a lot of time while making your hands and clothes messy. If you desire a maintained garden or lawn that looks amazing and has equal-shaped grass, then there is something that you need to buy at the earliest. It is nothing else than the best lawn mower for steep hills!

However, it is hard to select the best lawn mower for a steep hill, no matter how novice or experienced. If you’re looking for the best hill lawnmower and don’t know which one is best according to your needs, then you land at the right place. We have brought this guide that will provide you with a detailed comparison between some of the best mowers for hills terrain with highlighted features and their pros and cons. You should go through the best mowers for steep hills to purchase the best. It is a comprehensive review that assists you in model comparison and what to look for in the best lawn mower for steep hills. So without wasting time let’s start;

Basic Types of Hill Lawn Mower

Based on the movement there are the following types of the hillside lawnmower;

  1. Push lawnmower
  2. Self-propelled lawnmower
  3. zero turn mower hills
  4. Ride-on lawnmower
  5. Robotic Lawnmower
  • Push Lawn Mower

You have to push the mower to trim the grass with the Push lawnmower. Reels and some rotary mowers are examples of push lawnmowers. It requires manpower to move around, and the blade can be powered by gas or battery. 

With Reel lawn mowers you push the mower to trim the grass because their wheels are connected with the blades. On the other hand, the rotatory mechanism is different. This is easy to handle because it does not take hours to work to mow your lawn. It is less expensive, so if you have a small lawn and do not want to spend much, it is the best option. 

  • Self Propelled Lawn Mower

A self-propelled lawnmower moves on its own; you have to guide it and navigate it. It is a type that has the same mechanism for both the wheel and blade, so that requires less manpower to work. This also comes in the gas-powered or electric-powered motors that are usually expensive but easy to use.

With the best self-propelled lawn mower for steep hills, you can use it on flat and uneven surfaces like a hill. You can easily use this on the small and medium lawn. It requires high maintenance, and acre to work properly but can be very useful for the people who do not want to spend too much and work on lawn mowing.

  • Ride-on Lawn Mower

It is the most suitable lawn mowing method because you don’t need to do anything besides sitting on a seat and directing the lawnmower. Riding Lawn Mowers are significant and are exceptionally pricy, yet their uses surpass all of it. It is best for bigger lawns, and they work perfectly with the two gas-powered and battery-powered motors.

It requires less time investment and exertion for lawn mowing. The best riding mower for hills can undoubtedly cut tall and unpleasant grass, and weeds give you the most satisfaction of lawn mowing. It could be somewhat overwhelmed for more modest lawns, yet you can utilize it if you need the comfort and ease this lawnmower provides.

  • Zero Turn Mower Hills

zero turn mower hills are characterized by their ability to make a turn of zero degrees using hydraulic speed. Due to this, you can turn the steep grade mower on its trajectory.

Zero-turn mower hills are the most efficient and quiet option for large lawns just like the ride-on mowers. The independent power on the rear wheels makes it distinct from others. It is powered by two handles that also act as its brakes.

  • Robotic Lawn Mower

This lawnmower is compact and straightforward to utilize and doesn’t need any labor or management to work accurately. You need to define a limit of wires to set its mowing territory, and it accomplishes all the work without help from anyone else. A robotic lawnmower isn’t normally used, yet it tends to be a viable and fantastic lawn cutting tool

A robotic lawnmower manages its job quietly, so it is useful for you to have neighbors who don’t prefer to disturb by the lawnmower’s sound. You can also use it around evening time, switch on the mower and let it accomplish the work.

Our Recommendations for Best Lawn Mower for Steep Hills

The great States 415-16 Lawn Mowers for Steep Hills
Greenworks MO80L410 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 
Honda HRX217K5VKA 4-in-1 Lawn Mower
Husqvarna 960450057 Riding Lawn Mowers
EGO Power Cordless Lawn Mower
Snapper Self-propelled Hill Lawn Mower
Husqvarna MZ61 61 Zero Turn Riding Mower

1. The great States 415-16 Lawn Mowers for Steep Hills


Highlighted Features
  • Push-reel mower that features to cut 0.5-2.5 height quickly and cleanly in no time.
  • 16″ cutting width, 5-edge metal roller reel, and 10″ composite wheels make utilizing this push-on lawnmower simple
  • Blades of this Great steep grade mower is a heat-treated alloy that makes it durable for mowing hillsides.
  • T-style handle with a Lightweight and compact design makes it the best push mower for hilly terrain.
  • Offers clean and quiet operation without the need for gas or oil.
  • Great steep grade mower offers one year warranty.

A push reel mower can perform its job effectively as compared to the rotary mowers. Great steep bank mower is convenient to use with the ten composite wheels. It comes with ball-bearing reels with five blades that can provide clean scissor-like trimming. You can manage cutting height because this offers 0.24-2.25 cutting height options.

The high-quality heat-treated alloy steel makes it sharpen enough and eliminates the need for sharpening often. T-shaped cushioned handle provides an excellent hill that makes the mowing process comfortable. It is the best push lawn mower for hills that cuts like a champ without any gas or battery.


  • light lawn mower for hills
  • Offers precise and clean mowing lawn
  • Easy to push and Navigate
  • Durable steel blades
  • Offers one year warranty


  • Tall grass needs again pass

2. Greenworks MO80L410 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower 


Highlighted Features
  • The Greenworks lawn mowers for steep hills feature a 21 steel deck brushless motor with three in one design, seven positions single-handle height adjustment, vertical storage with a push-button start, 4-year tool.
  • Best self-propelled lawn mower for steep hills with brushless mower provides up to 45-minutes run time with fully charged 4Ah battery.
  • With the 21 steel deck, you can handle large areas of grass quickly.
  • The motor provides more torque, quiet operation, and long life to this hill lawnmower.
  • With its innovative smart cut technology, this hill lawnmower increases the blade’s speed when more power is needed for the best cut possible.

If you have a small lawn, then a cordless vacuum is enough for mowing the lawn. This Greenworks cordless mower with brushless motor delivers enough power related to approximately 160cc gas engine without the fumes and the emission. It has an 80v 4Ah battery that can handle heavy-duty tasks and 45 minutes of runtime once fully charged. Green work hillside lawnmower has 21 steel decks that cut the full grass area in a short time. With the brushless motor, it offers quiet operation, better torque, and durability to the mower. You do not have to overlap too often to mow a large area correctly because this light lawn mower for hills provides a cleaner cut every time.

The mower has three choices to manage the grass clippings. You can mulch, release through the side chute or gather the clippings in the back sack for simple removal of the grass clippings. This hills lawn mower utilizes a back tire drive, and with the 10″ back tire, it gives more traction on hilly landscapes. You can change the speed of self-impelling according to your requirements.

It is a compact light lawn mower for hills for easy storage. In short, it is the best self-propelled lawn mower for hilly terrain that makes the moving process more comfortable. With just a push-button, you start your work like a champion.


  • Reliable brushless motor
  • Easy start
  • Smart trimming technology
  • Rear-wheel drive with variable speed
  • Allows different cutting options


  • Not best for large lawns

3. Honda HRX217K5VKA 4-in-1 Versamow System Lawn Mower


Highlighted Features
  • Honda hill lawnmower offers perfect wheel balance that is a must requirement for mowing a hill.
  • Advanced rear-wheel steering lawnmower
  • steep bank mower with an automatic choke system that makes it easy to use in winter.

Honda is always praised due to its quality and reliable engines. This self-propelled hillside lawn mower is no exception which offers smooth grass chopping with its micro-cut designed blades. Unlike other small and older gas-powered mowers, it uses an automatic choke system that makes the starting process more comfortable and makes the working smooth in winter. It offers seven cutting levels between ¾ and 4 inches to make it useful for different situations.

The handle of lawn mowers for steep hills is the most important part, and it should be comfortable and height-adjustable to help the operator with an upright body posture. The handle of this hill lawnmower is 41 inches, which is enough for people of all heights. It also has a three-shift functionality so that you can adjust it according to your requirement.


  • Perfect mulching and bagging system
  • discharge bag with enough space
  • One of the best self-propelled mower for hills


  • Quite a loud hill lawn mower

4. Husqvarna 960450057 Four Wheel Drive Riding Lawn Mowers


Highlighted Features
  • It offers quick auto transmission for a maintenance-free work
  • Ergonomic design with a flexible high secondary lounge with armrests and convenient grasp steering wheel
  • Easy to use with the easy engagement of cutting blades
  • Husqvarna all-wheel drive lawn tractors offer three years limited, five-year frame with front axle warranty

If you plan to mow steep hills, then Husqvarna all-wheel drive lawn tractors are ideal for you. It has a 160cc honda motor that helps you in cutting steep hills quickly. It is a rear-wheel steering lawn mower that allows better control over the device. With an Auto transmission system, you do not have to worry about the manual adjusting transmission in order to the particular territory of the lawn that you are cutting.

The design of the Husqvarna 4 wheel drive riding mower is both attractive and at the same time very functional. It has a high seat at the back of the riding lawn mower and provides a comfortable chair while mowing steep hills. The Blade system of this steep grade mower with electrical components gives you an easy cutting process with just a simple switch to activate blades. In short, it is the best tractor for steep hills.


  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use
  • Premium quality parts
  • Offers three-year warranty


  • Costly

5. EGO Power Cordless Lawn Mower


Highlighted Features
  • Folds easily with compact storage feature
  • It has 20 inches cut capacity with Arc-Lithium 4.0 Ah 56V Battery and Rapid Charger
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Offer five years warranty

Although its Ego hill lawn mower is expensive due to the powered unit but offers efficient work just like gas-powered models. The 56 Volts stroll behind the lawnmower for steep slope permits you to look over three battery alternatives and relying upon what you pick, and you can get a run time of up to an impressive 90 minutes.

The mower has a 20-inch deck size to accelerate the cutting process, and it is also a genuine 3-in-1 mower that considers prevalent mulching and side release with rear bagging. The LED headlights are also a  helpful expansion as they make the best self-propelled lawn mowers for hills for use whenever. Furthermore, the maker will offer a 5-year guarantee.


  • best lawn mower for hilly yard with a high-torque motor
  • Quick battery charger
  • Convenient headlights for easy use in night
  • Weather-resistant design


  • Relatively expansive

6. Snapper Self-propelled Hill Lawn Mower


Highlighted Features
  • It has a professional series engine that is easier to start with smoother and quiet operation.
  • Rear-wheel steering lawnmower that improves the overall experience and allows smooth turn differential without damaging your grass.
  • Allows you to adjust the height of the cut with easy to use handles

It is a 190cc Briggs and Stratton 850 commercial lawn mower with a spin-on oil filter for durability. The engine starts quickly and provides a powerful performance. The 21 steel deck with Ninja mulching blade has six cutting surfaces that allow you to trim every grass type with exceptional mulching quality. It has variable speed with the goal that you can pick the perfect pace for cutting. The variable rate additionally oversees the mower on a hilly landscape.

The self-propelling uses a rear-wheel-drive that gives more traction on mowing hillsides. This element and the 10″ back tires make this hillside lawnmower reasonable choices for the hilly landscape areas. So if you are looking for the best self-propelled mower for hills with a gas engine’s power, then this is an ideal choice due to its powerful and durable machine that offers a tremendous high-quality cutting.


  • the best self-propelled mower for hills with variable speed
  • Durable blades
  • Offers seven cutting height options
  • Traction is good


  • Does not include a side chute

7. Husqvarna MZ61 61 Zero Turn Riding Mower


Highlighted Features
  • Husqvarna zero-turn mowers on hills are designed to provide maximum power and amazing ergonomics.
  • Clippings can be released, mulched, or packed away with a 9-bushel triple sack collection system.
  • Has a high back seat with armrests, foam-padded hand grips, and vibration dampeners that makes mowing a hill easy and comfortable.

We know controlling something in the hilly area is difficult. If you do not want to run with a hill lawnmower, then Husqvarna zero turn mower hills can make things easier for you. It is the best commercial mower for hills that can produce 27 horsepower with its endurance series. 4 wheel drive riding mower is fabricated with 11-gauge high-end steel that makes it durable. The bottom material is also challenging so that it passes every hill terrain that is not smooth and contains rough edges.

The aluminum axles are open easily, and there is an option to oil them. The side chute has a plastic assembly, and the deck is furnished with 12 cutting stature includes that can be gotten to with the assistance of foot pedals. This zero-turn on hills has a seat that has control, including the hour meter. The seat consists of pure vinyl material with armrest functionality with a cup and bottle holder makes it the best riding lawn mower for hilly terrain.


  • 61 inches cutter can cover a maximum area in just a single turn
  • It is easy to handle even for extended operations
  • Has a reliable and powerful motor
  • zero turn mower on hills that makes lawn mowing easier


  • This best zero turn tires for hills is little expensive

Buying Guide for the Best Lawn Mower for Steep Hills

If you are looking for the best lawn mowers for hills, then rear-wheel steering lawn mowers are the best choice. The front wheel is also a good choice when you are looking for something affordable for flat terrains. The all-wheel-drive riding lawn mowers are useful in all conditions if you do not mind extra cost and have enough experience to manure it. There are also some other factors you should look for they are listed below;

  • Deck Size

The deck size decides the grass mower’s mobility on slopes and hills; thus, it is consistently a significant factor to consider. If you are managing an enormous open yard, a deck size of up to 54 inches is an excellent decision as it gives you a seriously cutting width to complete the process of cutting quickly.

However, the large deck sizes probably won’t be proper for narrow yards. For narrow yards, something more limited is more fitting as it gives you better control and mobility. It is important to measure your hilly grass’s size and state and utilize this information to pick a proper deck size.

  • Weight

A light lawn mower for hills will be more ideal for hilly landscapes. Heavy lawn mowers are hard to deal with and will require more effort to move on the slope. However much you may need a light and simple to-utilize lawn mower, it is vital to ensure that you find some balance between weight and power.

Most light lawn mowers for hills won’t have a lot of power. Thus they probably won’t be productive for mowing steep hills. Therefore the correct thought is consistently to search for the best mowers for steep hills with lightweight and power feature combines.

  • Easy to Use

Any lawnmower for mowing steep hills that you purchase ought to be easy to utilize because mowing a mountain is already an upsetting task, and you don’t want something that makes things more terrible. With regards to the ease of use, you should pay special attention to things like how easy the mower is to start and the maneuverability.

Also, assembly ought to be easy if it requires any, and it ought to do various tasks like mulching, bagging, and side discharge to make it more helpful. Fortunately, most new lawnmowers are made given ease of use. And if you get something from one of the top brands, you can be confident that it will be straightforward to use regardless of whether you are a beginner.

  • Warranty

You do not have to purchase another hillside lawn mower for mowing steep hills each other season. Thus you need to buy something that accompanies some durability assurance. A warranty is an assurance that you need, and it additionally assists with ensuring your venture for a specific period.

While more extended the warranty period, the best mower for steep hills accompanies a normal 2-year guarantee which is good enough.


Steep hills are in every case hard trim, regardless of whether you are using

a walk-behind or riding mower. With walk-behind Push Mowers, you need to work hard to accomplish tasks because mower up the slope and riding mowers lack security for mowing hillsides. You can do the job effectively by finding the best lawn mower for steep hills that you can work on proficiently. Like Rear-Wheel-Drive and cutting height adjustment, some extra highlights make it simpler to cut on a slope. This list has a wide variety of best lawn mowers for hills that can help you cut on a steep slope without investing an excess of time and energy.

Let me know if this article was useful and you found the product that you were searching for. It would be great if you share your experience with the product.


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