Reviewing and Buying Guide for the Best High Lift Mower Blades in 2022

Reviewing and Buying Guide for the Best High Lift Mower Blades in 2022

Mower blades efficiency decides how faster you are going to complete your work and how neat your lawn is going to look after you have done your job. Before we dig deeper into the topic of how to choose the best high lift mower blades, let’s give you brief information about all the aspects one must know before buying a replacement mower blade.

So to do this job perfectly there are replacement mower blades available to change old, worn-out blades with the newer ones. There are a number of points to consider before choosing the best blades for a lawn mower such as length of blades, width, center hole, and lift.

It is very important to get a high-quality and sharp blade while you are replacing blades for your lawn mower. Because low quality and blunt blades will leave your grass ripped. In that case, the lawn will ultimately turn patchy as this will affect the grass badly.

Whenever you find a need to change the blades of your lawn mower, you must take into consideration the proper size and the number of your previous blade, the new blade must match the serial number carved on the top of the unit.

There are a number of mower blades that are sharp and great in quality, the selection of blades depends on the types of your lawnmower blades and the condition of the areas you are going to use these best mower blades on, let’s dig a little into the types of lawnmower blades


Basically, there are four main types

  • Low lift mower blade
  • Medium lift mower blades
  • High lift mower blades.
  • All in one type mower blade

Low lift mower blade

 These low lift mower blades are best to be used for sandy areas. These blades cut the grass at low horsepower, these send grass to the lower area of the mower.

Best High Lift Mower Blades

Intermediate lift / Mulching mower blades

These mower blades operate on higher horsepower lawn mowers. These are higher than low lift blades and are designed to cut grass more neatly and designed to work fast.

High lift mower blades

High lift mower blades are the best commercial lawn mower blades. These use high horsepower to work efficiently as these sharp high lift mower blades give the grass a fresh-cut look. These best high lift mower blades are efficient in cutting thick grass so if you have a tough lawn, it’s gonna be your best buddy as it is the best mower blade for tall grass.

All in-one type mower blades

Al the name reveals these mower blades are good as high low and intermediate blades. So anyone who is more interested in all-in-one blades this is the best option for them.


The basic function of the high lift movers is to efficiently move grass clipping and prevent it from clogging into the deck. They shift grass clipping rapidly into the bagging device of the lower area. That`s why we choose the best high lift mower 11blades to get the job perfectly done

Here are we going to describe the best choices among all the high lift mower blades. These blades are usually available as 3 or two blades in one pack. That makes it easy to use in a lawn mower that operates with two blades such as a honda.

EGO 21-Inch High Lift lawn mower Blade


The EGO’s best high lift mower blades do the cleanest clippings of any heavy grassy area as these are the best lawn mower blades for thick grass.

It is much better than any mulching blade, once you have it, you can never return back to any other type of blade

The high lift lawn mower blade is best for bent grass. It pulls the cut grass upward and gives it the freshest look

Efficiently bag every piece of grass to make it look cleaner instantly, so these are the best blade for bagging grass.


You should match the size and serial number of this lawn mower blade with the size of previously used the blade as this one is a 21-inch high lift mower blade, so it can be a problem if it does not match the serial number of the previous blade

The first in the line of best high lift mower blades is EGO lawn mower blades that are specially designed to work on EGO + lawn mowers. These are clean and high-efficiency blades that are sharpened to efficiently cut the crass and very neatly bag all cut grass. The factory-sharpened EGO blades are made up of steel for best work performance whether they are being used as the residential or commercial lawn mower blades, these are surely the sharpest lawn mower blades you can find.

These are 21-inch high lift lawn mower blades that ensure performance and these blades cut grass very cleanly as you will clearly notice the difference between a low-efficiency lawn mower blade and a great quality blade. Your lawn will never be patchy and yellowish from certain places after using these best high lift mower blades.

It is always advisable to invest in a great product for your own use that will cost you less effort and give more efficient results, these heavy-duty mower blades, made up of steel blades will surprise you with their best performance.

Husqvarna high lift blades


These are the best among all the 16 inch lawn mower blades as they are OEM quality parts

The best high lift blades come in a pack 3 so you don’t have to worry about buying one sooner than later.

These are the best lawn mower blades for zero turn


This is not the best for anyone looking for its use on a commercial lawnmower, however, it does the job on the commercial lawn mower but it’s not recommended as it use number 16 lawn mower blade that can be shorter.

Not the best blades for Husqvarna 54

These Husqvarna high lift mower blades are 16-inch lawn mower blades. The brand is known for making the best quality products and is known as the leading brand in making the best high lift lawn mowers. This 16-inch lawn mower blade has a center hole so you can fix it in a lawn mower easily. 

It is slightly shorter than other blades available for high lift. It comes with a specific serial number that is written in the product description. Anyone intending to buy this blade for a lawn mower must match the serial number of the unit first to avoid any unwanted inconvenience.

Husqvarna 16-inch mower blade edges are sharp. These work best with any lawn mower brand. Husqvarna uses original OEM parts. So the quality of this best high lift mower is undoubtedly great.

These are available in a pack of three replacement blades. That makes it easy if you have a damaged blade after a couple of months, you can use another one from the three blades.

Although these blades are excellent and are tough looking they definitely wear out after a certain period of time because the lawn mower has to pass through rocks and dusty areas too which reduces the efficiency over a certain period of time.

Ariens Zero Turn Best High Lift Mower Blades


These are the best mower blades for zero turn 

These have OEM parts

Best high lift mower blades as these are made from reliable aftermarket parts.


This best high lift mower blade is not the best lawn mower blade for gravely zero turn.

The third product to describe in the line is Ariens zero turn blades. These come in a pack of three blades. The weight of this single heavy-duty blade is 9 pounds, so you can have an idea that this star blade is going to do the job perfectly as your best lawn mower blades for zero turn.

The Ariens lawn mower blades have the most reliable aftermarket parts. its length is 20 inches and for its best fit into your lawn mower, you must look for the serial number that matches your lawn mower requirement.

These are the best zero turn blades that work as the best commercial mower blades.

These best high lift mower blades have ⅝ inches type of mower blade hole. 

Like every other high lift mower blade, these are very promising in their best quality material and these are the best lawn mowers for high grass

Maxpower best high lift mower blades


These best high lift lawn mower parts comply with OEM standard 

These heavy-duty blades that comply with the best standard parts in aUS are available at a very less price comparatively. 

The center hole is ⅝ inches that’s easy to fit in as a new blade in any model of lawn mower


These best high lift mower blades are tough to use on very rough grass. But overall its great in its working

This high lift lawn mower is made by MAXPOWER and this one is 20 inches in length. This is a replacement blade that can replace a variety of lawn mower blades, you can check the list so to match compatibility with your lawn mower. This heavy duty maxpower lawn mower blade is best riding lawn mower blade. Its edges are extra sharp and it is available in a pack of 3 so you can have one as a backup any time. 

 It is the best lawn mower blade for stripping as it replaces many original blades from lawn mowers such as Arien, OEM, etc. it cut the grass cleaner like a pro that once it is with you as your residential or commercial lawn mower buddy, you cannot turn to any other. This pack of three blades meet the OEM standard for quality parts.

This is much appreciated among customers as they appreciated it using their 60 inches zero-turn mower

Grasshopper high lift mower blades


The best ones among the blade manufacturers are adopting measures to make their manufacturing process eco-friendly by recycling their material. Which is a highly appreciable effort

The quality of these blades will remain excellent for a longer period as its part meets OEM standards. 

These work as the high low mulching blades as well so we can say these are the best lawn mower mulching blades.


It is better to use these blades on dry grass to maintain their quality for a longer period.

The grasshopper blades are the best high lift lawn mower blades. The parts meet OEM standards. It’s made up of high-quality steel material for great efficiency and durability during the period of it’s use. Its size is 21 inches. These grasshopper blades are best lawn mower blades for side discharge of grass. These blades work best with 61 inches grasshopper deck.

The quality of the grasshopper best blades is far superior to that of aftermarket blade parts. Although both work best as high lift lawn mower blades. 

These are available in a pack of three. Do If you are using a high lift lawn mower with dual blades it is advised that change all blades at the same time to experience the best results with these grasshopper high lift top-notch blades that are made up of tough hand heavy-duty plastic.

Furthermore, the reason that makes these grasshopper blades superior to other rival brands in the market is they recycle all the material for the manufacturing blades. They recycle other raw materials too that are used in the overall manufacturing process so they are making their company and the whole manufacturing process completely eco-friendly. 

Weather and rough conditions affect every machine part although It is assured that you are going to get the best results out of these best grasshopper high lift mower blades.

USA High lift Mower Blades


These are great for use on the tough lawn which is unevenly grown with tall grass and make it look neat and beautiful that you will never want to use any other brand for its high-quality parts.

These are best to use with riding lawn mowers. 

These can be used as the best mulching lawn mower blades

The blades never change their shape in rough use, as they are not bent ever so go for it

These high lift mower blades are worth your money as they come in a pack of three.


The only cons in these flat lawn mower blades are they operate on high horsepower so whenever you use them, the machine parts make a lot of noise. Otherwise, it is great for all its best features and we will highly recommend these blades.

These are made by USA mower blade makers and these high lift mower blades are the first ones we are discussing in the category of 18 inches size blades. The 18 inches size of the blade with a center hole, is best for easy and neat grass cut to give a fresh look and lift the grass with such unmatchable cleaner cuts.

It is available in a pack of three. These great quality blades are valuable for your money. The width of these blades is 3 inches. These can easily replace all the OEM blades. These high lift mower blades work as the best zero turn mower blades that are widely searched features to look for in a high lift mower blade.

These are made in the USA so the name reveals too. Again it is noticeable to match the serial number of the previous blade that is usually carved on the top of it to match while purchasing new replacement blades. You must match that serial number because the wrong blade will not fit into your lawn mower and cause you unwanted problems.

A lot of a number of customers are satisfied with the blade and reviews are excellent. So the high lift lawn mower blades can be used in very rough tall grass in the full bloom spring season and you would like to use it all and over again for the best results. 

So these are the best choice if you are spending your precious money to buy high lift mower blades, we will recommend you to go for these best high lift mower blades to get to botch the best results.


Although all the blades listed above are great in quality. These are carefully selected to prevent a buyer from going through enormous products in the market to search for the best high lift blades. However, those who have sandy soil and they are looking for a high lift blade, must keep in mind the general fact that the best lawn mower blades for sandy soil are low lift blades, however, high low or mulching blades can also be used as sand blades for mowers. But all the above discussed high lift lawn mower blades are not best for sandy soil.

High lift lawn mower blades operate at lawn mowers with high horsepower and are always operated with fast precision in grass cutting but the machine noise is the one feature that comes with these heavy-duty lawn mowers.

High lift lawn mowers that are the best in their job in our opinion among all the above best high lift mower blades is the grasshopper lawn mower blade. The results of these blades, the eco-friendly manufacturing process, and the last but not the least is worth your money, and add great value to the money you spend on this beautiful lawn mower blade. The resulting face of your lawn with lift up grass will give you high satisfaction. It is efficient in bagging the discharge so the parts may wear out after a long time of tough usage but this grasshopper replacement blade never disappoints you for its intended period of use, additionally, it works best with riding heavy-duty lawn mowers. So we say these are also great choices for commercial use.

The runner-up choice in the category of high lift lawn mower blades is EGO 54 inches mower blades. The heavy-duty blades come in 21 inches size and cut the grass with perfect clarity, blades are best made to ensure they would not plush or tear the grass even if working in the damp grass, or working with tall and heavy grass. so it’s the runner-up choice in the best high lift blades for lawn mowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best lawn mower blade for begging the discharge, a mulching blade, or a high lift mower blade?

If you are looking for a blade that is efficient in bagging discharge then high lift mower blades as are great in bagging discharge and looking at the lawn after mowing with these heavy blades will give you high satisfaction of cleaning and mowing the lawn.

Which type of blades consumes more power, high lift blades or mulching blades?

High lift lawn mower blades use more power. Mulching blades operated at lower horsepower such as 3 HP machines for mowing grass will affect the performance and quality of blades. The high lift mowers work best with a lawn mower that has 5 horsepower. Thus cutting the grass with great precision.

Is it a good idea to use a vacuum with a lawn mower?

There’s a great amount of debris that is left on the ground after mowing the ground if we attach a vacuum with a lawn mower it will collect all the extra grass left on the ground that aid in growing weeds on the ground and also prevent the sunlight from falling straight on grass that effect overall look and growth of grass. So it is best to couple lawn mower vacuum blades