Corded Electric String Trimmer Review and Buyers Guide 2021

best corded string trimmer

A land looks fully refined only when the tall grass surrounding the mailbox, gates, and flower beds is slashed down with a string trimmer. In the last decade, corded electric weed eaters have made a lot of progress. These machines are now efficient enough to tackle almost any lawn that is sufficiently compact t to fulfill the extension cord criteria, thanks to performance improvements achieved by all-electric motors.

7 Best Corded String Trimmers

best corded electric string trimmer by green works 
Best corded trimmer by BLACK+DECKER
corded weed trimmer by WORX
Electronic trimmer by TORO
Green works 21142
Best corded electric string trimmer by CRAFTSMAN
Best corded trimmer by SCOTTS 
  1. best corded electric string trimmer by green works 



  • Has a telescoping shaft feature
  • Has dual modes for trimming and edging 
  • Has a 13 inch cutting path 
  • Corded electric power source 
  • Weighs 7 pounds 
  • Has auto line feed 
  • Produces very little noise 

If you’re looking for a low-cost best corded electric string trimmer with a lot of specifications, this Greenworks 21212 corded string trimmer should be on the top of your list. It is compact, simple to use, and sufficiently powerful to protect a small yard. Let’s take a peek at some of the details that make it pop out. Evidently, as a corded weed trimmer, this design needs a cord to operate. It begins off softly and needs no maintenance. There’s no requirement to mess with obnoxious batteries, nor do you have to deal with their toxic gases and fumes. The only disadvantage is that the trim area is constrained by the cord length accessible. 

The whole weed trimmer’s monitoring mechanism makes it an excellent option for small yards. Anticipate less power than a gas trimmer for the cost, but it’ll suffice for most jobs. Greenworks uses a double-string line system to cope with difficult weeds and increase performance. Cutting across dense weeds ensures minimal time with a dual-line feed method in operation when the trigger is raised; this model uses an auto-feed mechanism to advance the rows. 

This Greenworks design has a conventional edger feature. A particular variation is in the manner in which the edger is triggered. Slacken the middle pole modifications and rotate the head sideways to use the edger functionality. Just use the metal guide on the side of the edger to use it. This trimmer’s head cannot be angled in either direction. Sustaining difficult-to-reach areas can be a difficult task

2. Best corded trimmer by BLACK+DECKER



  • Has power of 6.5 amps 
  • Has a 14 inch cutting path 
  • Line diameter of 0.065
  • Available in black color
  • Weighs 3.19 pounds 

Here we have one of the best corded string trimmers available in the market today. With customizable intuitive grips and level positions, this 2-in-1 string trimmer and wheeled edger from BLACK+DECKER is compact and easy to operate. All you have to do is move the neck to switch between the two functions. Automatic Feed Spool technology from BLACK+DECKER makes freeing lines a breeze as well. 

The BESTA510 isn’t just simple to use. It’s also sufficiently strong to tackle dense weeds and overgrowth, thanks to its 6.5-amp engine. Although smaller than certain gasoline string trimmers and more expensive electric ones, the 14-inch diameter cutting head is ideal for tidying up the margins of a traditional yard. Quite notably, with a price tag of about $45, the BESTA510 is among our popular picks from the most reasonable choices. 

Multiple customers also stated that this trimmer satisfies all of their requirements while still being lightweight enough to be used by anyone, even seniors, with minimal difficulties. If you just need a string trimmer for simple household tasks but don’t want to spend a lot of money, BLACK+DECKER’s corded BESTA510 could be ideal.

3. Corded weed trimmer by WORX



  • Corded and battery powered
  • Has a 13 inch cutting path 
  • Has a long lasting lithium battery 
  • Has a 0.08 inch line diameter 

Here we have an electronic trimmer that can also be joined with a cord is required. For landowners prepared to spend an elevated price, the WORX WG191 is indeed a strong, expert string trimmer. Its 56-volt battery is strong enough to hack through tall vegetation and weeds. The dynamic speed regulation option enables you to use more energy whenever you need it for rough patches and less power when you don’t, allowing the device to rest. With a chopping end that swivels 90 degrees to meet either direction, this trimmer is extremely flexible.

 This best string trimmer mower can be converted from a weed eater to a wheeled edger, much like many of our certain current favorites. It’s as simple as pressing a click to switch across two tools.WORX’s Command Feed system, which also operates with the click of a key on the stick, makes monitoring the length of the trimmer line straightforward. It has a 90 minute battery life span and there is a battery indicator to showcase whenever you are running out of power. 

Another feature that distinguishes this electronic trimmer from other top picks as a quality option is that it accommodates a broader 0.08-inch string. The WG191’s thicker string may not sound like a major thing but it’s more robust than the standard 0.065-inch strings used in most suburban weed eaters, and it’s one of the reasons it can cut across heavier production than other popular priorities.

4. Electronic trimmer by TORO



  • Has a corded electric power source
  • Weighs 6.3 pounds 
  • Has a 5 amp motor 
  • Has a 14 inch cord
  • Has 0.065 inches of line type 

With a mass of just 7.5 pounds, this is an outstanding instrument that reflects the manufacturer’s prestige. The string is one of the trimmer’s greatest assets. This best corded trimmer, as compared to most corded trimmers, has no cable restrictions. It arrives with an additional power cord that is securely installed so that it does not intertwine as you operate. You can hack between dense weeds and grass with ease thanks to the efficient 120V AC, 5 amp engine. This elevated motor has been engineered to be more durable and reliable. 

It is an engine that will serve you for several years, making it cost-effective life time expenditure. As one of the best corded string trimmers, it is engineered to execute several tasks so you would not have to buy additional equipment. At the touch of, a click the trimmer head hinges and transforms into an edger. There are also wheels to assist in guiding the edger for a flawless strike. The aluminum shaft is long enough to hit places that most trimmers can’t. It’s not only flexible but also compact and long-lasting. If the shaft is accidentally dropped out in the mud, there is no chance of rust growing on it. 

The shaft comes with a support stick. This provides much more flexibility and reduces device fatigue. The trimmer head features a 14-inch broad slashing course. It also has an auto-feed spool, which allows you to keep working without having to constantly tap the head for more string. If you knock into someone, you risk hurting their brain. 

Because this device is a little less powerful than the others we’ve looked at, it utilizes a lawn trimmer line with a narrower diameter. This lightens the head a little, but it can also mean that less cutting power is provided before the line breaks.  

5. Green works 21142



  • Has a corded electric power source 
  • Has a 10 amp motor 
  • Has a 0.80 dual line type 
  • Large 18 inches of cutting path 
  • Weighs 13 pounds 
  • Comes with an attachment cable 

GreenWorks, a leading manufacturer and retailer of electrical devices, has developed this compact weed eater. This green works 21142 offers a four-year warranty on this model. You should be able to use this trimmer for a long time. This dual string trimmer needs relatively little care and effort to operate. Connect it to the power source, pull the lever, and start mowing down tall vegetation. This straight-shaft trimmer makes it simple to hit stiff places. There’s even a telescoping handle that adjusts to suit most shape styles so you don’t get too tired. The tactile handle is made to have total power and convenience. 

If you want to operate this green works 21142 more than 50 feet from your home, ensure you have a 12 or 14 gauge electrical cord on hand. This form of authority necessitates a thicker extension cord than other less reliable types. As a dual string trimmer, it provides more than adequate pzazz to get the work completed, thanks to a 10-watt engine. Since it’s so strong, you can make sure you’re not trimming with any other high-wattage machinery on the very same loop. This green works 21142 has been developed to last.

The dual string trimmer can be used with a variety of gas accessories to expand its capabilities. Although modifications to transform this device into a rotor-tiller, or branch pruner must be purchased separately, they are available. This is a decent match for you if you don’t wish to have various gadgets hanging everywhere. The dual string is very sturdy and works well on even the tallest weeds. With a cutting range of 18 inches and a 0.080′′ line, this dual string trimmer has one of the broadest cutting swaths accessible. This speeds up the cutting operation by allowing you to cover more lawn per move.

6. Best corded electric string trimmer by CRAFTSMAN



  • Has a 6.5 amp motor 
  • Has a 14 inch cutting path
  • Comes with a 0.065 inch line system 
  • Weighs 7 pounds 

The CRAFTSMAN CMESTE90 blends with the finest of our other popular corded picks with just a little more cash. This bump feed electric string trimmer has a telescoping shaft for maneuvering along with landscape elements and a 6.5-amp engine that can handle tall vegetation. This best corded electric string trimmer, along with our other selections, transforms to a motorized edger by simply rotating the cutting head. 

This best corded electric string trimmer has a push-button input mechanism that allows you ultimate leverage over the length of the cutting string. You will have power over the distance of the shaft, which can be modified to accommodate consumers of various heights. If you’re 5 feet tall and your buddy is 6 feet tall, you ought to be able to utilize this together. 

Despite its comfortable functions, the CMESTE920’s weight can make it increasingly challenging for some landowners to use. It’s a little bulky for a corded trimmer at about 7 pounds, and it may not be as comfortable to use for extended spans of hours as some other corded alternatives herein.

7. Best corded trimmer by SCOTTS 



  • Has a 4 amp electric motor
  • 3 adjustable cutting position heads 
  • Has a 0.065 line system
  • Comes with an 11 to 13 inches of width cut 
  • Has an adjustable handle and telescope pole

This best corded electric string trimmer ‘s 4-amp automatic transmission is strongly equipped to remove tall vegetation and stubborn bushes in your lawn, sidewalk, or lawn. It does not need to be replenished or refueled because it is fuelled by electricity. As opposed to a gas-powered trimmer edger, the motor needs no gas or oil to operate, making it low maintenance. The Scotts corded wand provides consistent and dependable control. The Scotts reel mower has an extended aid handle that allows you to use it with only one hand. This also means that you can consistently cut edges with accuracy. 

For your convenience and trimming ease, the telescopic pole can be adjusted in height. This lightweight trimmer can be used by anybody, irrespective of length thanks to the flexible pole. Since it would not release poisonous gases, this compact corded trimmer is environmentally safe. Because the motor is really only driven by energy directly from the plug, no oil or gas is needed to get this string trimmer ready to launch. A corded string trimmer from Scotts is a decent substitute for a gas yard trimmer because it has equal slashing strength while being low-maintenance and ecologically responsible. 

Trim weeds and vegetation when protecting your flowers and other crops with three interchangeable head configurations and flip-down edge protection. With a cutting distance of 11″-13″, this lawn edger can reliably cut weeds between that vegetation in your garden without destroying them. With the Scotts edger trimmer, you can remove tidy margins while still securing your crops.

Buyers guide


The strength is tested in amps for corded electric string trimmers. The energy consumption of a cordless battery is measured in voltages.  Although it’s difficult to draw a precise distinction among amps and volts, corded power tools are typically more efficient than battery-powered devices. Greater amperage or voltage means more control, which implies hacking through tougher shrubs and trees of any kind. If you don’t desire the need to hack through thick vegetation, you certainly don’t need to spend the extra money for a really efficient trimmer.

Feed System

In string trimmers, there are 2 major categories of feed mechanisms, which are the processes that regulate how much “string” is pumped out via the head. The conventional approach is known as a bump feed since this requires you to manually unlock more lines by pressing down on the fence in a bumping gesture. This method gives you greater leverage regarding how many lines you need, which could be a huge advantage if you know what you’re doing. However, since you have to use some energy to essentially knock the trimmer on the deck; this device raises the chances of destroying it. 

The latter form of feed mechanism is known as an automatic feed because, as you may have guessed, the trimmer dynamically stretches the feed line as you go. Most devices rely on the rotating line’s centrifugal force to detach more of the line as it starts to break off. The most significant advantage is that you do not need to do something extraordinary to keep trimming. These devices, on the other hand, can be difficult to repair if they malfunction because they don’t have the same degree of power.

Cutting Paths and Widths

It will have a cutting diameter measured in centimeters and will range between 12 and 14 inches on average. This figure refers to the amount of room wherein the trimmer can effectively cut grass without having to pass it. As a result, a wider cutting distance allows you to cut all at once with less skill, making them suitable for broad yards or anyone who needs to complete tasks quickly. Correspondingly, narrower cutting widths are ideal for smaller yards because they reduce the size of the trimmer, making it easy to control. This isn’t a case where “greater is stronger” or something like that applies, because the cutting scale has little bearing on how powerful or successful a trimmer is.

Consideration of the Yard Length with the Trimmer

Grass Cordless trimmers with a maximum voltage of 20 volts to 40 volts perform well for up to 1/2 acre. Try using a corded string trimmer if there is a power socket within 100 feet of the yard periphery. These can also be done with gas trimmers. For 1/2 acre to 1-acre yards, Cordless trimmers with a voltage range of 40 to 80 volts are a good alternative, but you can still use a fuel trimmer.

Line Diameter

The line diameter specification specifies how dense a string should be held by a trimmer. Strings that are heavier are much less prone to snap and can handle dense vegetation and grasses well. Make absolutely sure you’re using the appropriate width string for your string trimmer if you want it to perform at its optimum.


You must be able to hold a string trimmer for a significant duration of time to use it. That implies that you must consider the weight of a possible new string trimmer before making a purchase. If you acquire a trimmer that is too bulky for you, you can soon tire out every time you operate it


When it applies to string trimmers, more efficient motors, bigger cutting swaths, and unique characteristics like auto-feed and variable speed control would normally cost more money. We mentioned the solutions that are better for domestic use and will offer you the most value for your dollar for certain requirements.

Features of the best corded string trimmer

  • Energy efficiency is measured in amps (A) on a corded trimmer, volts (V) on something like a cordless trimmer, and cubic centimeters (cc) on a gasoline trimmer.
  • When you tap the cutting tool on the deck, bump heads feed the trimming line from the coil.
  • Centrifugal force is used by automatic-feed heads to introduce additional lines as desired.
  • Speedy loading spools allow you to add new line and wind it without having to remove or disassemble the spool.
  • For different cutting environments, varying frequency controls have varying rates of strength. 
  • Fixed-line heads eliminate the need for revolving and allow for easy loading of pre-cut line bits. This arrangement also prevents the line from tangling.
  • Gas trimmer two-cycle engines have a decent combination of power and weight, but they operate on a mixture of oil and fuel. You can either blend your own petrol or buy it already mixed.
  • A rounded shaft trimmer is useful for snipping in small spaces and can help regulate the trimmer.
  • A flat shaft trimmer may get under obstructions like decks, shrubs, and benches.
  • The trimmer’s working-level can be adjusted thanks to an interchangeable pole.
  • The chopping swath denotes the trimmer’s slicing section.
  • Four-cycle generators operate solely on fuel. They do away with the need to blend gasoline, but they are heavier and require more frequent oil changes than comparable two-cycle engines.
  • The lightest gas string trimmer with a spring-assist starting is quicker to run.


you should be prepared now that we’ve looked through trimmer ratings and presented you with a customer guide. We expect you to be optimistic when it comes to completing the next string trimmer project. Check out this article if you’re hunting for commercial-grade string trimmers. Our top pick i.e. green works 21212, has multiple features to aid your trimming is light weight and easy to use, and it has a safety trigger to ensure your wellbeing.

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