Best Commercial Weed Eaters in 2021

best commercial weed eater

Keeping your lawn in great shape means keeping the edges neat and clean. When it comes to achieving a great look of lawn then it is important to have the right tools. A weed eater will easily take care of your yard but if you have a large yard then you should look for a commercial-grade brush cutter. Choosing the best commercial weed eater is quite difficult due to the availability of lots of models in the market. There are a lot of things you should consider while purchasing the right one according to your needs. Before making the purchase first you should review the best commercial weed eater reviews. Here I provide you the complete guide with the list of the best commercial weed eater so read on to learn;

What  Is a Commercial Weed Eater?

A commercial weed eater is just like a weed trimmer that you use for large fields. They are also known as strimmers or string trimmers. If you have a large lawn or you spend much time in its maintenance then a commercial weed eater makes your work convenient.  With a heavy-duty weed eater head, you can clear off all your large fields in no time. They are quite durable and simple to use. With this commercial-grade brush cutter, you can reach even those areas that the usual trimmer cannot. Also, they are perfect for edging and taming overgrowth. To learn more about the commercial weed eaters keep on reading!

Why Do You Need a Commercial Weed Eater?

A weed eater is a large and amazing machine that trims grass well. If you can dispose of weeds, it will make things a lot easier to take care of and save you time. If you have at any point taken care of a lawn using a commercial weed eater, you realize how a strong, durable commercial weed eater is a sort of need for all. As you most likely are aware, string trimming a garden or lawn takes a ton of time as mowing takes. That’s the reason that cultivators or landscapers must use a commercial weed eater.

Homemakers can also benefit from a weed trimmer, which is planned especially for commercial purposes. If you consider this costly, you should realize that these gadgets pay off when you see their outcomes. Also, a commercial weed eater features ease of utilization, longevity, and durability. 

Our  List of the Best Commercial Weed Eater

When you have to cover up a large ground then it is a smart choice to look for the best commercial grade weed eater. They are built to withstand for a long time and capable of handling much more abuse than the latter. Now commercial weed eaters come with four-stroke engines which means now they don’t require oil and gas. Additionally, they are also quieter so no need to worry about neighbors’ complaints. Here we list some best models available on the market so you can see if there is one according to your requirements. Let’s start;

Best Commercial Weed Eater Reviews:

Husqvarna 128LD Commercial Weed Eater
Tanaka Commercial Grade Trimmer
Honda Weed Wacker 4 stroke
ECHO Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer
Greenworks String Trimmer
Echo Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
Remington 22-Inch Trimming Mower
Southland Weed Wacker Lawn Mowing

1. Husqvarna 128LD Commercial Weed Eater


Highlighted Features

  • lightweight gas-powered weed eater with 17-inches trimmer head.
  • It has a translucent fuel tank that allows you to monitor your fuel level while working.
  • Effectively discharge the new trimmer line as you work by tapping the trimmer head against the grass to initiate the Tap ‘N Go line release feature.

Husqvarna 128ld is one of the best commercial weed eaters which comes with unique features and also with many speciations. According to the Husqvarna weed eater reviews, it helps you in all types of trimming and edging needs. According to many experts, it is the best commercial-grade weed eater before using a lawnmower. The commercial trimmer head weed eater is fitted with a straight and long shaft, which proves to be useful if you need to reach regions where more limited models can’t. This gives the Husqvarna 128ld a kind of flexibility that makes it ideal for a wide range of conditions. The straight shaft is also very simple to move around. The handle is very adjustable and highlights a delicate hold, in this manner making this Husqvarna lightweight weed eater ergonomic and comfortable. A Husqvarna lightweight weed eater also offers responsiveness and equilibrium when cutting so you generally get the best outcomes.

Husqvarna lightweight gas-powered weed eater is fitted with a 2-stroke, 28-cc motor, which makes it upgraded for performance. The 1-drive motor is sufficiently incredible to slice through shrub-like landscapes without any issues. Like different gas-fueled trimmers, the Husqvarna 128ld also uses 100% gasoline, which should be blended in with oil before use. When you become familiar with the basics, you will be able to control this commercial trimmer head weed eater easily. it will serve you quite a long time without the requirement for costly replacements and fixes.

  • Affordable commercial-grade brush cutter
  • Easy to operate
  • lightest commercial string trimmer
  • The powerful gas engine that provides high-performances
  • Husqvarna weed eater reviews reveal that the 2 stroke engine is not efficient as the 4-stroke.

2. Tanaka Commercial Grade Trimmer


Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum clutches prevent this lawn trimmer extreme from heating.
  • Inherent axle lock eliminates the need for Tanaka weed eaters when changing cutting attachments
  • Due to the solid steel drive shaft of the Tanaka weed wacker, it increases maximum comfort by reducing vibrations drastically.
  • The Padded front and rear handles of this Tanaka weed wacker provide longer operations with less fatigue.

Tanaka commercial weed wacker lawn care is the most powerful and durable industrial weed wacker for the money. It is a weed wacker with attachments that all are commercial grade and provide it a long lasting sleek look. According to the Tanaka string trimmers reviews the thing that truly separates this lightest commercial string trimmer is its aluminum clutch housing which has been intended for most extreme reliability. The splined strong steel shaft is intended for the greatest solace and diminished vibration.

Changing cutting connections is a breeze because of the inherent shaft lock. These 2 highlights are some of the main reasons that make it the best commercial-grade weed eater we’ve ever reviewed. I didn’t care that it doesn’t come provided with an outfit yet the front and back padded handles are perfectly positioned for agreeable, long-term use.

While some 2-cycle string clippers can be hard to start, the S-Start technology makes this lightest weed eater a breeze to get moving. So if you are looking for the best commercial weed eater, for durability and powerful performance then Tanaka weed eaters one is a great option.

  • One of the best string trimmer brush cutter
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Expensive

3. Honda 660930 VersAttach 35.8cc Gas 4-Stroke Power Head



Highlighted Features

  • powerful honda weed wacker 4 strokes, with a 35cc engine
  • A quick and strong trimmer that has never failed to start on the first pull.
  • Features excellent balance and ergonomic design
  • In this honda 4 stroke weed wacker No blending gas is needed as the trimmer furnishes you with the unparalleled force for cutting through even the most requesting occupations like a hot blade through butter.

This Honda  is a 4-stroke weed eater, which is one of three models from the brand that have been planned because of expert exterior decorators. To start with, the device is a clam that makes for a considerably more agreeable experience, which is a much more comfortable experience. This is one of the calmest honda weed wacker out there, which can have an effect when you are using it for a long period. According to the 4 stroke string trimmer reviews, it is a little bit heavier as compared to its competitors. According to honda hht35sltat reviews, it features a shoulder tie, however, so that can assist to alleviate a little weight.

This weed wacker lawn mowing started up rapidly, particularly so contrasted with numerous different models. With a 1.235 gearing, it is incredible and has the ability to change over into a brush shaper. This honda weed wacker 4 stroke handles itself well. In typical conditions, it can clear the weeds and grass in a matter of seconds. Honda products are worked with strong quality, just as accompanying calm and smooth-running engines; this honda weed wacker certainly possesses all the necessary qualities.

  • best 4 stroke trimmer
  • commercial-grade brush cutter
  • durable
  • Expensive

4. ECHO Gas Straight Shaft Trimmer


Highlighted Features

  • Echo weed wacker lawn care is Light 12.3 lbs. dry weight decreases fatigue
  • With 25.4cc expert evaluation 2 stroke motor with class-driving force
  • Speed-Feed 400 trimmer head reloads in seconds without dismantling
  • 2-stage air filtration framework utilizes a froth pre-channel and a creased channel for class-driving filtration

With the Echo SRM-2620, it is about speed. it delivers a ton of torque, assisting in reducing the potential for slowing things like the head down. If you work in regions where weeds can get somewhat wild (like warm environments throughout the entire year) at that point a high-torque unit like this one can be just about a need as intense grass isn’t a counterpart for this weed eater.

The Echo SRM-2620 has a truly solid and powerful motor, and the handle grasps imply that the weed eater can be used in comfort. This lightweight weed eater accompanies an additional heavy-duty engine vibration mount, and elastic ensured handles to help add to the comfort of the weed eater. Just as those highlights, it is also a light model to pick, coming in at a little more than 12 lbs, so that can assist with reducing exhaustion. As well, there is a force support vortex motor that accompanies progressive starting technology. This lightest gas weed eater assists with diminishing the exertion in beginning the weed eater by 30% which is a great help when you use this weed wacker lawn care a ton and need to get utilizing it again rapidly. If you are a  lawn care professional or an exterior decorator, then this Echo weed wacker lawn care is highly suggested. The model additionally accompanies a 5-year guarantee, so although assembled well and made of value materials as you’d expect, it is a good point to note.

  • best lightweight weed trimmer
  • 2-stroke engine with enough power
  • It also features a 2-stage air filtration.
  • Does not accept attachments

5. Greenworks String Trimmer


Highlighted Features

  • It has a split shaft design for compact storage
  • Greenworks weedeater lightweight trimmer PRO 80V is a high level, battery-controlled trimmer
  • The battery time is up to 45 minutes with a rapid charger.

This is a weed whacker that will make quick work and will make fast work for all your trimming needs. The company has been known to make some extraordinary cordless apparatus for a long while.

The Greenworks weedeater lightweight trimmer PRO 80V is a high-level, battery-controlled trimmer that has been generally welcomed by customers. This weed wacker lawn care is accessible at an entirely moderate value range, which makes it ideal for individuals like me who are hoping to manage our yards to eliminate extreme vegetations and weeds. The Greenworks weed wacker lawn care PRO 80V is fitted with a two-amp, 80-volt battery that turns the 14/16-inch solid cut. The battery is equipped for running continuously for 45 minutes, which is like a 32cc gas motor and enough to clean your whole yard in a solitary go. Moreover, the trimmer additionally comes with an extra battery and a charger that will permit you to re-charge the unit after the power goes off.

The brushless engine controls the Greenworks PRO 80V motor. The design of the trimmer is simple and made of an aluminum shaft, which gives ergonomics and equilibrium while controlling. The trigger can be acclimated to Variable Speed to give more control over the cutting force. The construction plan of the Greenworks PRO 80V is lightweight yet incredibly sturdy, which makes it simple to move without settling on the strength and also a top-rated commercial trimmer line.

  • The tool is simple to use with its simple design
  • Compact and compatible
  • A Brushless motor provides more power
  • best lightweight weed trimmer
  • It takes a lot of time at starting

6. Echo Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer


Highlighted Features

  • The trimmer is protected by a plastic debris safeguard with the goal that undesirable materials don’t go into the machine 
  • The trimmer is very simple and easy to use. The maintenance is also very easy. 
  • You get a lifetime guarantee on the driveshaft, just as a 5-year guarantee on the whole trimmer

The Echo lightweight weed eater is an affordable weed wacker lawn care that is quiet, and strong enough to get the job done. If you are going to purchase this weed wacker lawn care then you invest in a decent trimmer that can handle daily wear and tear and will last for many years. It is a common question why you should pick this weedeater lightweight trimmer when there are greater and better trimmers in the market in a similar value range. I have to bring to the table a few reasons why you ought to pick the GT-225 over others. Since it is a lightweight trimmer doesn’t imply that it needs power. The Echo GT-225 is equipped for edging and managing without giving up midway. While different models pack much more power, they don’t have the mix of being lightweight and powerful at the same time.

The Echo lawn trimmer extreme is furnished with a 2-cycle, 21.2cc motor; while it probably won’t be the biggest motor around, it is an excess it to do. The more modest motor also adds to making this model very lightweight. Because of the small motor, beginning the Echo GT-225 is simple and won’t apply to you in any capacity; as long as you have oil and gas, you can expect that the trimmer should begin without any problem. This Echo lightweight weed eater is easy to maintain so you don’t have to worry about the best working condition for a long time to come. if you face any specialized trouble, you can without much of a stretch arrive at the company’s team for help; they will assist you with getting the trimmer ready for action in a matter of seconds!

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • It comes with a protected sheet so that it protects from debris.
  • You will get 5-years warranty on the entire trimmer
  • Affordable
  • You have to purchase the useful accessories separately

7. Remington 22-Inch Trimming Mower 


Highlighted Features

  • Due to its unique design, you can trim hard-to-reach places and also on rough terrains.
  • This weed wacker lawn care has a comfortable folding handle for convenient storage and transportation.
  • The 159cc 4-cycle gas engines help you to clear harsh grass and weeds.

If you need to dispose of tall and frightful weeds, you can take them out of the yard or park with this walk behind the trimmer; so, I could say that this weed eater brand lawnmower is fundamentally a weed eater on steroids.

According to The 4 cycle weed trimmers reviews, RM1159 weighs generally around 78 pounds and comprises a 4-cycle 159cc OHV motor. The circle handle is ergonomic in the plan that also overlays, taking into consideration simple stockpiling and smooth vehicle. The RM1159 is capable of down the hardest edges of the lawn. You can also adjust the cutting heights of the weed eater brand mower. Even on the thorniest grass, the RM1159 can be pushed without any problem. It is very lightweight and simple to move around a landscape. The trimmer is not difficult to utilize and fires straight up after you unpack it. 4 cycle string trimmers review is completely collected and equipped with 14-inch wheels, which allows you to move the machine effortlessly. The trimmer’s diverter kept a great deal of terrible flotsam and jetsam from flying around. According to the weed eater lawn mowers reviews, it is quite compact and can easily reach around little corners and nooks. due to its small size, the RM1159 can be stored easily in a perfect and dry zone.

  • This weedeater brand push mower is able to move on any surface.
  • best 4 cycle string trimmer
  • Simple with a sleek design
  • Some parts are made up of plastic

8. Southland Weed Wacker Lawn Mowing


Highlighted Features

  • Southland weed wacker lawn mowing has a heavy-duty weed eater head with a 150cc engine.
  • It has an anti-foam grip handle for easy strong grip and compact storage.
  • This weed eater brand mower has 12-wheels for increased maneuverability.

For those who keep on battling with a heavier-wheeled string trimmer like me, I would propose the Southland SWFT15022 weed wacker lawn care, which weighs just around 50 pounds. however, the lower weight limit doesn’t mean that the trimmer’s performance is inferior to others. The SWFT15022 is furnished with a 150cc motor that is fit for doling out 5.75lb/ft torque. This weed wacker lawn mowing implies that the weed eater brand push mower can cut through the thickest weed in your yard.

The top of the trimmer is fitted with a 22-inch cutting pattern for discovering all that drops out while you are moving the trimmer through. The thick tires will also guarantee that your work isn’t hampered, even on delicate or wet ground. In short, it is the best commercial weed wacker.

  • best commercial weed wacker
  • This weedeater brush cutter is easy to start and operate.
  • Quiet powerful motor
  • Can not be used on rough terrains.


Buying Guide for the Best Commercial Weed Eater

There are some points you should consider while purchasing the best commercial weed eater according to your needs. These are as follow;

Types of the Weed Eater

There are many different types of weed eaters present in the market. Some are battery-operated, some have gas engines, others are powered by electricity. While the goals of all are the same i.e. trimming.

For example, electric weed trimmers don’t need changing batteries or gas to work; they just need an attachment to control the motor. In any case, their use will be restricted to specific spots – regions with electrical sources and the farthest point where the lines can reach. Also, battery-fueled clippers are incredible as they are extremely versatile, light, and quiet. However, you will consistently need to keep an additional battery convenient if the battery being used gets drained.


The weight of a trimmer is something else that you should consider while purchasing the best commercial weed eater for commercial purposes. As you probably are aware, clearing your bigger fields will require significant investment and consequently, it ought not to be hefty if you need to finish the work without getting tired. The weed eater’s weight can be controlled by the components it contains. That is the reason you should not go with clippers that accompany different parts.

Types of the Engines

While looking for the best commercial weed eater you should also consider the type of the engines because it plays an important role in working. Usually, weed eaters come in two types these are as follow;

2-stroke engine: The 2-stroke motors work best if you like to create different upheavals with impressive power. This assists with clearing bigger fields in less time. Be that as it may, you need to blend gas and oil in a fitting proportion to make it work. If the oil proportion isn’t a lot, the motor can overheat and have genuine outcomes. Then again, the motor will smoke while meddling with the presentation and polluting in general if you put more oil than required.

4-stroke engines: The 4-stroke motors don’t create as much force as different ones. However, these motors work easily and are free. Here, you don’t have to pre-mix anything. You simply need to put oil to crankcases. They even accompany a programmed turn-off include, which switches off the motor if the oil level drops down. This element increases the durability of the motor.


comfort and usability are other significant factors that you need to consider while searching for the best commercial weed eater. You need to remember that weeding your yard will take some time, and you need something comfortable and simple to use and move.

It is best to look for the lightest weed wacker that allows you easy movement and also moves on hard-to-reach areas.


it is best to look for that type of weed trimmer that can move into another lawn care tool easily. that provides you a lot of versatility, comfort, and usually an expensive option. however, the best commercial weed eater designed for trimming purposes, and some models can be fitted with additional attachments. 


I hope this review will help you in choosing the best commercial weed eaters. I reviewed these products and safely concluded these eight top-rated commercial weed eaters are easily available in the market. They are designed to fulfill your requirements and will stay last long. If you love to read this article and found it helpful then do share it with your loved ones. if you have still queries and questions then post your queries in the comment section below.

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